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There is a large number of little rogues, 84 boys and 114 girls, that cause us pain. At times, they set foot in Andheri when they were already overage to attend school.  In other cases, they started schooling, but some bade goodbye to their books. Lessons did not enter their heads; the social and home environment were not suitable for studies. Left to themselves, they will be loafers, the refuse of Society. In the neighbouring Parishes, this problem is as acute as our own.


We have started a new venture precisely to find a remedy to this school malady, to give a
training to these little rascals. Last July, we began our Technical Training Centre. The
start was simple, but our ambition is to grow.
Today we have,
36 boys guided by a Brother and an Instructor.
17girls who learn stitching under the guidance of a Sister.