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The parishioners of the Holy Family Church devoted a lot of their time and efforts to other activities, both cultural and spiritual.
It had its first Fete
SWAPNA VIHAR - I (January 1966) followed by
SWAPNA VIHAR - II (February 1969) and
SWAPNA VIHAR - III (April 1972).
All these three fetes had Mr. Sabu Rebello as chief coordinator.
Yet another fete
was held in 1986 with Mr. Caesar D'Costa as chief coordinator.

In April 1965, a major cultural and spiritual programme was launched,
a Passion play staged on the church grounds under a unique
system of sound and lights, conceived and planned by Mr. Eustace Fernandes, a friend and well-wisher of the Parish.
The script, music and direction was by Mr. Sabu Rebello, who also played the role of Jesus Christ.
The play had a successful run of 32 shows,
all running to packed houses (1965 - 1972).


Other institutions of the Parish

Shilpalaya Technical School was started in a structure constructed next to the Church to train and help mainly the youth of the Parish who have discontinued their formal education. This institute has since shifted to another building of its own in the neighbouring Vinayalaya grounds.

Ashankur, a social welfare centre, is a new venture of the Parish and was started
during the tenure of Fr. Tony D'Souza S.J., the Vicar. It is presently housed in the
same structure that was previously used by "Shilpalaya"

Snehasadan is the brain-child of Fr. Frances S.J., and was started in a small shed in the Parish to cater to the needs of boys who had strayed away from home and lived on and off the street. These boys were picked by Fr. Frances and his team, offered a roof, food and a chance of education, in order to improve their future. Since then, Snehasadan has grown in stature and has added a number of new homes catering not only to boys but also girls. This project has won and continues to gain national and international acclaim.

Ashadeep Association: Founded in 1978, in a small room in Kajuvadi,
it presently has 5 centres catering to about 450 children. The primary concern of
this association is the promotion of education of children belonging to single
fathers and mothers. Its aim is to prevent such children from becoming beggars or
being sold or turning into criminals and instead inculcating a sense of dignity,
confidence and ambition to strive to improve themselves and their environment.