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Holy Family High School
began In 1945.  Slowly, but steadily it has been growing. Not
all Catholic children of our Parish study here, although the school is for them and they are afforded the first chance for admission. Catholic children of other Parishes attend its classes.  Non-Christian boys and girls are anxious to receive education in our school; It is a priviledge for them.

A total of 1,516 students (Catholics 701 / Non-Catholics 815).

Boys- 1,172
Girls-   344
The lay masters and teachers are 39.

The sisters do have their share in the education of children.  Within 6 years there will be no girls in our school; they are being directed toward the Divine Child, a convent under the sisters' direction.

At present that school has: A total of 689 children.
(Catholics 295 / Non-Catholics 394)

Girls- 344
Boys-   51
30 teachers help the nuns in this task.

Two other Christian Associations started small primary schools in the locality. Their work has been wonderful.
When the children grow, they move on to Holy Family or Divine Child.

180 children, of all religions.
96 boys and 84 girls.

76 children, all Catholics.
52 boys and 24 girls.