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 (Friendship House.)
had its origin 4 years ago in our church.
Today it has independent life;
it gives shelter to 93 street boys in five homes.


move rather much with the children. The poor are very much in their minds; they have shown it by opening a tiny school in their own novitiate, 42 children in all; by visiting the slums all around.


has taken charge of the education of girls. Their school, Divine Child, is fast advancing. These sisters are 22.


An unending cloud of incense moving up towards Heaven. This is the life of 7 cloistered Carmelites, closed up behind high walls. Their prayers become a steady rain of favours from God.


Three religious houses are furnaces of charity. Life and youth are being spent to bring comfort and happiness to their suffering brothers.

The Missionaries of Christ Jesus

have under their care 53 invalids; come from all over Bombay, they have found in Bethlehem House (Cheshire Home) their haven.
4 Sisters are in charge.
Many more in number, 164, men and women, have their shelter in the Home for the Aged.
The Sisters of the Poor, 12 in all, take care of them.


The latest addition is a bigger institution....

A hospital is going to be inaugurated in the coming months. Built bit by bit as funds began arriving, today it is a reality.
The Sisters of the Holy Spirit, 10 in number, form an international Community.

The Ashram of Fr. Proksch

completes the picture.  Father is an expert in Indian literature and music. The dances and singing organised by him are always a hit in all big congresses and gatherings.

A good team, all together, so that the light may shine before men.