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Our Church is in Andheri; years ago it was a suburb of Bombay; today it is becoming almost the centre of the City. By the side of our Parish, we have the Aerodrome of Santa Cruz. Andheri is a mixture of city village and jungle; it is India in miniature.




<<You are the light of the world; a city cannot be hidden if it is built on a mountain top...>>

This is our life.  A lamp lighted, put up on a stand so that it may give light to all.
Our presence here is a testimony, a trumpet call to draw people closer to Christ.
Holy Family is conscious of its missionary vocation.
We must help our fellowmen live a life worthy of a human being.
We must encourage our neighbours to know and serve God better.

On the very top of our Church stands a huge cross.
During the day, it is quite visible.
At night it strikes the eye much more; it shines in the darkness.

The shining cross is for us both a symbol and an inspiration.



The mustard seed was sown in the time of Xavier.  For several centuries, Andheri was a group of human islands, lost in the jungle.  Formerly, most of its inhabitants were Catholics. Bombay grew and its overflow spread in these parts over here. Today, though still numerous, the Christian community is a mere
drop, in these crowds.  Our parish was established in 1943; it was composed by putting together three slices of the neighbouring parishes.

Modern buildings and huts stand side by side, in wonderful coexistence.