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            Light to the souls and to the minds.  The little ones have to study to become men.  Holy Family has made a strenuous effort in the field of education.  The world belongs to those who dare.  We must tackle what must be done; we must take a risk, leaving aside what may appear cautious prudence. We have to put our trust in God.  Our school, though not yet finished, looks a fine building.  There is still a long way to
go, but we shall march on.
          Our young people are eager to learn.  Practically all the tiny tots start schooling.  If they can, carry on till the S. S. C.  Many, however, get tired, cannot continue and drop their classes.

1,266 Catholic children attend school.

BOYS: 715

Several schools share in this number.


 Holy Family


 Divine Child


 are scattered all over Bombay, in 25 Catholic schools,
mostly of the  neighbourhood.


go to Municipal school, in Marathi or Hindi.


get their education in non-Catholic schools.


leave Bombay for their studies.


attend small private schools.

GIRLS: 551

They also are well spread out:


Holy Family


Divine Child


are divided in about 20 schools of the neighbourhood.


attend Municipal schools in the vernacular.


go to non-Catholic schools.


study in private schools.


are boarders, out of Bombay.


An additional salary is always welcome.
Parents do not want their children to waste time.
Few, very few among our youth can avail themselves of a College education.
We have only 8 boys & 2 girls attending college.